Friend of Quran


Supporting FREE Quran distribution



Are you aspiring to become a friend of the Quran? Such a remarkable aspiration! There’s truly nothing more honourable than aligning yourself with Allah’s book.

We believe that the Quran is Allah’s word, the Divine speech full of wisdom, it’s a clear book that has the power to change lives, it is guidance packed with lessons and deep insights revealing the mysteries of life. A book so precious, guidance that’s so effective and wisdom so thorough, it must be shared with our family, relatives and neighbours. Yes, that’s what this project is all about.

Our £1250 sponsorship package will cover the distribution of 312 Qurans.

PLEASE NOTE: We will distribute the Qurans on your behalf to save you the hassle through our network of contacts, therefore, you will not receive any copies.

The average cost of putting a Quran into someone’s hands is £4. This includes administrative, fundraising, production and placement expenses. Therefore, the Quran won’t be distributed randomly. We appreciate the value of your donations and are committed to ensuring they are used where the impact will be greatest.

How we utilise your donations: